At Seguso Viro new collections are inspired by the world of nature and emotion, and are developed following the trends of fashion and design. As of 01.01.01, new designs are being produced in editions of 101 pieces each; numbered, signed and certified, the 101 LIMITED, a new era that will be rich in emotion and surprising discoveries.


The simplicity of the iconic, contemporary and resolute, dressed in elaborate techniques and unique color combinations. Each work in Collezioni is the result of research that comes from the knowledge of the ancient Muranese techniques and evolving the revolutionary way to express the modernity of our time. A sign of continuity and perspective to the tradition of Murano.


Emotion, color, art and heritage interpreted through Murano glass.


A know how of Murano glass artistry handed down for 23 generations.



Afloat in the lagoon, so magical and so unique, surreal and fantastic. Venice is so very much like the glass: sensual, lightweight and fragile, yet solid and rich with history. Venice has inspired many great artists, generated a special breed of man, and acts as a jealous custodian of so many fascinating secrets.


The cultural and artistic heredity transmitted to us over the generations has made us sensitive, responsible and, at the same time, honored in becoming the creators and protagonists of the message which our objects express. Our understanding of this accentuates the firm intention of creating Collections in full respect of the antique glass discoveries and techniques, and it stimulates us towards reinterpreting glass with our emotions and our style, narrating and renewing an art which belongs to us.


The creative process at Seguso Viro extends from the drawings and technical research to the imagination and collaboration of the "maestro" and his team's incredible capacity to tame a substance into an expression.


Seguso Viro thrives on advancing and developing new techniques through the highest level of research, as a way of continuing their story and for the thrill of surpassing exciting new goals.


As always, the magic of glass comes alive in new and vibrant colors each with its own identity. Seguso Viro has made color one of its distinctive characteristics through the selection of individual colors and shades of color.


The driving force behind Seguso Viro lies in the endless search for a perfect balance of shape, color and expression. Every item therefore, displays the characteristic blending of these three elements.

101 Limited

Every Seguso Viro glass art work represents tradition and art. As of January 1, 2001, every new design is being produced in only 101 pieces each; all numbered, signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to highlight its uniqueness and the exclusive relationship with those who love and collect it.

Seguso Viro creates on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy where Venetian glass has been made for centuries and where, consequently, Seguso has developed an artistic expression of their own through glass. The creation of Murano glass vases, Murano stemware, Murano goblets and Murano objects, rigorously handmade by Seguso glass maestros, the simplicity of the instruments, the heat of the glass furnaces, the magic of Veniceā€¦ all of these evoke a deep feeling of antiquity, stimulating new identities: 23 generations of Murano glass heritage, the natural evolution of Seguso family history.

Seguso is synonymous with Italian Murano glass tradition.